My life has taken some interesting twists and turns, but throughout, books and reading have always been a part of it. I had the incredible windfall of being a librarian for a number of years as well, on a voluntary basis in Africa and even professionally when I was high school Librarian in Canada!

Now I find myself in London, England with some time on my hands. Oddly enough, the reason for starting this blog, in addition to the obvious reason of my love for reading, is that I am asked so often by people to recommend books to them. A number of years ago (in order to remember my thoughts on books I had read) I started a reading log. After reading a book I would jot down a few thoughts and impressions. Being a rather transparent person, I keep few secrets from people, especially my husband, but he recently discovered that I had been keeping this log all these years, and suggested I now launch it into a blog!

Keeping things simple is a high priority for me in almost every area of my life, and my blog will be no different. A picture of the book, perhaps a brief description, and some comments will suffice. You can always search a book online to get a full and more lengthy description (Chapters and Amazon are good).  It is important to note that the books I include are books I have read, not necessarily what I recommend. Whether you read them or not will be entirely up to you. But I hope that if you do read any, you will leave a comment and let me know what you think. Hearing from you will be the best part of what I hope will be a great dialogue on books and reading.

What I love about this picture of my daughter in Castle Howard, (York, UK) is the idea of resting among books. I’ve always said there’s something about reading that resets my brain. I love the fact that in the picture there is a book out of the shelf, lying off to the side. Books should not be left behind ornate glass doors, but used and enjoyed. And the fact that my daughter is gazing out of the light in the window – book worms are never turned inward by reading, though some may think so. Books turn our gaze outward and expand our horizons.

2 responses to “Introduction

  1. I am so glad that you have started this blog. Your love of reading has inspired many, young and old. I’ve oft listened to your passionate thoughts while reading a good book and now you can share these with others. May it be an inspiration to others and more importantly a joy for you. Love ya!

    PS: got a good book for me to read?

  2. Hi Joanne,
    Great to hear from you again…we’ve missed you at Book Club. I’m glad you’re settled in London, and have started this blog. I can’t think of anyone who could do a better job!!!
    Many blessings in 2011.
    Wilma Hails

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