‘Half Broke Horses’, by Jeannette Walls

For those of you who loved The Glass Castle, here is another great story from Walls, again based on her family members; this time it is about her no nonsense, feisty grandmother. And if you haven’t read The Glass Castle, drop everything and run to the library.

This is fiction but it is really the story of Jeannette Walls’ grandmother, Lily Casey Smith. In Walls’ signature offhand, unsentimental voice, the story unfolds of a remarkable woman. Yes, she broke horses, but she did way more than that. She was a surviver and adventurer, no dream too big or unusual for her to tackle.

What I enjoyed most about Half Broke Horses, after first reading The Glass Castle, was an understanding of the family that Rosemary Smith Walls grew up in. It does shed some light on that memorable character and what made her who she was.

2 responses to “‘Half Broke Horses’, by Jeannette Walls

  1. I bought this book way before Christmas, and still haven’t gotten to it. I loved The Glass Castle, for Walls’ writing style as much as the story itself, so I’m going to get into Half Broke Horses. You’ve given me the push I needed!

  2. Joanne Lopez (used to be Ching)

    Hi Joanne! I was just on skype with Dirk. He told me about your blog. Congrats!! I’m going to follow your lead – b/c I’ve wanted to set up a blog too – but more about expressing my transitioning to empty nesting/missing my kids/wanting them to contact their Mom more often – thing.
    I think I preferred Half Broke Horses more than the Glass Castle b/c by the end of the Glass Castle – Ifelt so sorry for those kids! I started off admiring their Dad for being such a free spirit and encouraging that in his kids – but then I felt so sorry for them @ the end. I really hope they’ve dealt with all the trauma and scars that must be in their lives from such a strange; sad upbringing.
    Off to look @ another one of your books! I’m ENJOYING your blog!

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