‘Theodore Boone’ by John Grisham

Whenever John Grisham steps outside of his usual legal drama genre, I pay attention. He has done this before with a Christmas story, a biography, and a few on professional sports. This is his first young adult novel.

Teens generally don’t like reading a book where the main character is younger than they are. So with Theodore Boone being 13, this would be targeting the 9-12 year olds. Theodore Boone is an amateur lawyer kid. He knows alot about the law and likes to help people out.  He is appreciated and respected for what he knows and the connections he has. But because of this, he gets caught up in the middle of a murder trial. If I knew a 9-12 year old who needed to study up on the courts and the law, I would recommend this book – the learning would be effortless, just wrapped up in the story which was not great (not enough action), but was fresh and not cliche.

Grisham leaves the ending wide open and it screams sequel. In fact I’ve seen a title already – Theodore Boone 2, The Abduction. I’ll be reading it when it comes out in June to see what happens!

One response to “‘Theodore Boone’ by John Grisham

  1. i loved this book!! ❤

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