‘Anne Lindsay’s Lighthearted Everyday Cooking: Fabulous Recipes for a Healthy Heart’

There are two people who give me recipes that end up being my favourites. One is a sister-in-law and the other is a friend. One day the sister-in-law recommended a cookbook to me. I ordered it immediately! It was fabulous, so on impulse I bought it for the friend and guess what? She had it already!!  Duh, I should have known. Well, that told me something about this cookbook and that is why I want to share it with you. Here is why I like it so much.

The recipes:
– are tasty (why else would I make them?)
– are easy (I don’t bother with complex ones, too busy for that)
– call for available ingredients (no obscure or brand name stuff)
– are heart healthy and wholesome (I’m over 50 and so is my husband)
– are EASY (did I mention that?)
– have pictures which are “eat off the page” gorgeous
(aesthetics, but I also steal presentation ideas!)
– do not require complex tools I don’t have (small kitchen)
– don’t have words or foods I don’t know or can’t pronounce
(my beef with Jamie Oliver)
– are EASY (did I say that already?)
– have both ‘cups’ and ‘ml’ listed (handy if you live in UK)
– come with a nutrition chart (if this excites you that’s good, you should read labels!)
– have simple directions (read: EASY)

Now, I know what you are thinking. “I already have 50 cookbooks, do I really need another one?” The answer is yes. But, you must be ruthless and weed out every cookbook you have not glanced in for 5 years. I know you have some, we all do. They are probably the ones you picked up at a rummage sale. Bring them back to another rummage sale and you won’t feel guilty for ditching them. It’s the circle of life. Then, voila!,  you have room for a nice new shiny one. This one you will use or I will eat my words. Bon appetit!

5 responses to “‘Anne Lindsay’s Lighthearted Everyday Cooking: Fabulous Recipes for a Healthy Heart’

  1. lisa Peterson

    How funny Joanne that just this very morning I was going through my cookbooks and took out quite a few I have not looked at for about 15 years or more!! I pulled them
    out and yes, I thought what should I do with them?? It seems not right to toss them in the bin!!! I might give them to my cook, she reads English and might be able to use them!!! Well I guess I have to think about getting the one you recommend so highly!!!!!

    I love looking at your reading blog to find out about new books! I enjoyed all the ones you left for us!!!

    Love to you, Lisa

  2. Sounds great, mom. I get my recipes from you 🙂 , so I’ll trust your judgement on this one. I was just thinking I would like a new cookbook! I *do* have a birthday coming up 😉 .

  3. I’ve cooked her recipes for years… they are easy and taste great!

  4. Patricia Ootjers

    I love buying/looking at cookbooks, if my kids go into a bookstore with me they usually know where to find me (cookbook section). So I will have to check this one out, which usually means I will most likely buy it 🙂

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    the good work fellows.

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