‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ by Garth Stein

You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this book, but the dog lovers will enjoy it more. It’s an engaging story, sad at times, but also funny and you’ll learn something about auto racing.

On the night before he is put down, Enzo, no ordinary dog, shares his thoughts on his life. Self-educated because his master leaves the TV on when Enzo is home alone, Enzo is not concerned about his life ending because he aspires to being human in the next one. He is a philosophical dog and has some wonderful insights into the human condition.

Denny, the race car driver,  works hard at the skills necessary to be the best in car racing and the techniques he uses are also instructive for navigating life’s ordeals, of which he has many. This is not just another dog story. It is uplifting and intelligent and explores not only the mysterious relationship between dog and man, but also meditates on how humour, loyalty, hope, and a “dogged” determination  can carry us through.

One response to “‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ by Garth Stein

  1. Janet Birdsell

    So true that you do not have to be a dog person to enjoy this book! I’ve purchased several copies to pass on to “dog friends”. Great discussions about dog ownership and it’s rewards soon followed.

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