‘Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand’ by Helen Simonson

Here is a book which I could recommend to almost anyone.  It’s laugh-out-loud funny but deals with meaningful issues as well. It’s a love story, but a satisfyingly quirky one.

A retired British army Major with impeccable manners and a widowed Indian shop keeper full of beauty and grace, find each other in a small English village where gossip and prejudice unfortunately thrive. Ironically he was born in Lahore, India, and she was born in Cambridge, UK!  The delight they have in each other is threatened by other’s perceptions that an English gentleman and an Indian shopkeeper should never be considered a match, especially not at their age!

Cleverly written, entertaining and wise, this is a gem of a book most readers will enjoy. I predict it will be on many book club lists in the years to come.

PS. I have to say one of my favourite bits is when we meet Dame Eunice at the golf course. I nearly spilled my tea.

3 responses to “‘Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand’ by Helen Simonson

  1. Joe and I both loved this book.
    I am going to recommend this one for our Book Club in August. Can You come, Joanne???

  2. Just bought this book and now look forward to reading it… somehow the title and description didn’t really appeal, but it’s on the book club list, so I purchased it at this amazing 2nd hand bookstore I discovered. It’s around the corner from me. Dangerous for the pocketbook… you walk in searching for 1 title and walk out with 5. So much for saving money buying 2nd hand! n

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