‘A Route of Hope’ by Katie Ruth

Anyone who struggles, feels alone, suffers with anxiety or stress; I want to inspire these people to persevere and rest in the knowledge that we are never alone. I hope that my simple poems bring you a smile for the moments you feel unable to.”

There is courage in sharing a story which reveals weakness and vulnerability. Katie Ruth experienced a great deal of pain and anxiety after a mysterious episode that left her with memory loss. But she did not suffer in silence. She decided to tell her story of a journey back to wholeness and health, so that others could benefit. Writing poetry was instrumental in her healing process and her wish is that her words may help others achieve the same. I’ve heard it said, “let your mess become your message”. Katie Ruth has done that with grace and charm.

In the introduction to the book, Katie talks about the debilitating effects of the panic attacks which she suffered from. Having struggled with a few of these myself, I appreciated her honest description and her wise recommendations to others who may find themselves in her situation. Her poems are grouped according to themes:  Nature, Struggles, Pure Love, Perseverance, and Celebration.

Katie’s book is available through Amazon (.ca .com .uk) or Waterstones in the UK. She is donating a portion of her proceeds to an organization helping homeless street children in South Africa.

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