‘Light on Snow’ by Anita Shreve

Twelve year old Nicky and her father are on a walk one snowy night when they stumble upon a newborn baby wrapped in a sleeping bag. The mystery surrounding the baby and how it got there becomes one that Nicky and her father become completely stuck in, like snow that stops all traffic. Curl up under a quilt with a steaming mug of hot chocolate for this one.

Shreve tells a story well and you will find yourself compulsively turning pages. There’s always an element of mystery and the mood is atmospheric like an early dusk on a winter’s day. In ‘Light on Snow’ themes of light in various forms are unmistakable and run throughout the novel. Shreve often has themes of water in her books, but this time she has chosen snow. There are many different descriptions of various types and consistencies of the stuff. The barren, cold landscape of New England in the winter is an unmistakable parallel to the cold grief and still raw emotions of those living in the house.

Anita Shreve’s most popular book was probably ‘The Pilot’s Wife’ but she has written more than a dozen others. It you are in the mood for a story to get lost in for awhile, hers are an excellent choice. Her characters are real people and she makes you care about them. Her focus is on relationships and emotions but there is always a good plot in the mix.

She has a beautiful website where you can learn about the themes which run through her novels and get a glimpse of what she has written.
Anita Shreve Website

One response to “‘Light on Snow’ by Anita Shreve

  1. Anita Shreve never fails to disappoint me. Txs for this review. Good to see that this fantastic writer is happily married to the man she met when she was 13! Her website is very nice. n

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