‘Love Wins’ by Rob Bell

  Get it. Read it. Ponder it.

There are so many good points in this book. It is positive, refreshing, and for me rings true. It is written in an inclusive style that draws the reader in. It asks some really good questions. And sometimes a really good question is as important as a number of answers. The ideas are new,  yet not new, and are presented in a clear, uncluttered voice.

Bell’s book is controversial and has sparked some negative reviews. As is often the case with controversial books, many judge without ever cracking the spine. So don’t rely on what others say, read it for yourself.

5 responses to “‘Love Wins’ by Rob Bell

  1. Hear, hear! As my theologian husband Nick Overduin likes to say, “This book is a game changer.”

    I highly recommend Love Wins to anybody wondering about hell and heaven. Can we toss hell out of the faith equation, but hang on to going to heaven? Read Bell, and find out!

    Thanks, Joanne, for your consistently friendly reflections on authors’ writing style. But, classifying Bell’s style as ‘inclusive’ is a stretch for me. His style is informal. He breaks basic rules to a point where I felt frustrated and irritated. On the other hand, some reviewers say he is a poet. Your call!

  2. Wilma Van Brummelen

    Just finished the book! I loved it and it rang out great for me! I relied on what you said, though!! :):):) I love his ‘down to earth style’ and touches the heart strings quite well! I think, Rob is a poet!! Thanks, sister! :):):) I’m into Bedstory now! 🙂

  3. Wilma Van Brummelen

    Did you read, “Surprised By Hope?”. Harro just finished it and it reminds him a lot of Love Wins!

    • No Wilma, I didn’t but my husband says he did, and it’s on our bookshelf in Canada. Will pick it up this summer to read. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Wilma Van Brummelen

    This was written by N.T. Wright!

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