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About once a year I go to a little town called Georgetown, Ontario because I love the little shops on the Main Street and there is an awesome bakery. This time I was meeting someone at the new bookstore, well, new to me anyway. Before I went I visited the website to get directions and perused the blog. I discovered that the store was named after a little bar that I used to frequent when I was a student at Calvin College. Wow, even a connection! And it was the bar where my husband and I met over thirty years ago. Wow, nostalgia! I like this place already! Used bookstores are often dingy and dusty, but not this one. This one, in the words of a good Calvinist poet called Sietze Buning, has “class & style”.

‘White Rabbit Books’ is a charming and homey second hand bookstore selling quality used books, and more. The books are in good condition, clean, and thoughtfully arranged. The bookstore is in a century house with lots of windows and delightful nooks and crannies. The store features room after room of books, all neatly presented and interspersed with other items for sale: funky reading glasses, folksy framed prints, attractive notebooks and stationery, and humorous greeting cards. The books are not only categorized but also catalogued so that you can ask for specific titles. The website even has a searchable store inventory! Here is the link to the website:
White Rabbit Books

After playing the required rounds of ‘Dutch bingo’ with the friendly owner, (the White Rabbit bar being a good starting point), we were left to browse. We didn’t take advantage of the free coffee (too busy looking at books), but we could have. All in all it was a pleasant experience and I am excited that my yearly pilgrimage will from now on include another visit to this lovely shop.

One response to “Bookstore Feature

  1. Hi, Joanne–a daughter of that “friendly owner,” here. 🙂 Just wanted to thank you for this post, which my parents excitedly pointed out to me yesterday. So glad you have enjoyed their store!

    I’m also glad to have come upon your site, as I love finding bloggers who post thoughtful book reviews. (And looks like we have remarkably similar reading tastes, too!) Looking forward to following your posts.
    Happy reading.

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