‘Sidney & Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs’ by Phil Vischer

How can a couple of pigs in business suits teach us a thing or two about the love of God? Phil Vischer, creator of ‘Veggie Tales’, brings us a delightful story about  two different pigs who both receive messages from God. It completely changes the way they see themselves and others. And the message is of course for the reader as well.

Sidney is messy. Always late and can’t keep up, he stumbles and struggles through life and though he tries, he never seems to measure up. Norman, on the other hand, is always on time, ever neat and tidy, and sometimes considers himself so good that it causes him to look down on others. Then one day they each receive an invitation from God because He has something to tell them. Norman is happy and proud to have the invitation, Sidney is terrified. What will they hear? Is it what they were expecting?

Phil Vischer is creator of Veggie Tales. Although I am not a huge Veggie Tales fan, this little story about how we judge each other and even ourselves is a multi-layered story for kids of all ages.

2 responses to “‘Sidney & Norman: A Tale of Two Pigs’ by Phil Vischer

  1. This sounds really cute, and insightful too 🙂 . Maybe you can bring it on our trip and I’ll read it at the cottage.

  2. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the recommendation. We love children’s books, so I need to check this one out.

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