‘The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection’ by Alexander McCall Smith

Book series can be wonderfully addictive. The No. 1 Ladies Detective series is one of those for me. Here is the 13th instalment and I’m not tired of it yet. McCall Smith has several series to choose from, all helpfully listed on his website.

Alexander McCall Smith Website

In this one, the detection guru Clovis Andersen actually makes a guest appearance in Botswana, much to the delight of his ardent followers at the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency! There is also an interesting road trip into the bush where Mma Ramotswe and Mma Makutsi are stuck on a deserted road in the Kalahari and are worried about lions. My favourite part though, is when Mma Ramotswe (a traditionally built woman) uncharacteristically goes for a beauty consult at the Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon. Of course there are the usual intriguing questions and problems involving the well known characters in the series, most of which get resolved eventually.

One reviewer on Amazon called this series ‘literary comfort food’. Exactly right. It won’t win a lot of literary awards, but fans will be nicely satisfied once more.

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