‘I Never Knew that About London’ by Christopher Winn

I Never Knew that About LondonstarstarstarMy children know what I like and I just had a birthday! I scored two books and a jigsaw puzzle. You’ll hear about the fiction book after I ready it and the jigsaw was enjoyed over Christmas. This non-fiction book is Winn’s educational trivia about London and I love trivia!

Whether in the form of trivial pursuit games, tv shows like “Jeopardy/Millionaire/In it to Win it”, pub quizzes, or brain teasers, count me in! Since I live on London’s doorstep and often venture into the city, I will be enjoying this guide section by section as a travel companion to educate myself and others on interesting tidbits and historical facts. I’ll either be admired for my impressive knowledge or considered a crashing bore…either way I’m really looking forward to the learning! 🙂

Christopher Winn is a freelance writer and collector of trivia. He has other similar volumes on England, Scotland, Wales, River Thames, the Royals, etc. His wife Mai Osawa illustrates his books with beautiful sketches. His website is:

Christopher Winn’s Website

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