New Year’s Resolution

P1020551Happy New Year! Welcome to (among a few other things) another year of books and reading! Maybe you got some new books for Christmas or an Indigo or Waterstones gift card? Maybe you are looking forward to placing a few new holds at the library after hearing recommendations from friends or family members. Or maybe you need to look no further than your own bookshelf!

My New Year’s resolution this year is to do just that. My own bookshelves are filled with books I have not read yet. How that happens, I’m not quite sure, but it happens to me and apparently to many others as well. A friend of mine told me a funny story of how she had gone overdue on a library book and went to the library for special permission to extend the due date so that she could finish it. The gracious librarian agreed but when my friend returned home she noticed that the very same book was actually already sitting on her shelf! 🙂

It’s almost embarrassing to admit that I have read only 4 out of the 13 books in the snapshot above of a section of my bookshelf. So, I will challenge myself to this year read one book a month from my own collection. Wish me luck!

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