Author Feature: Sally Lloyd-Jones

Sally Lloyd-JonesSally Lloyd-Jones, together with illustrator Jago, have produced two amazing devotional and Bible story books for children. Her writing is fresh and creative with a simple, conversational style. I wish I had these books for my children when they were little. Have a look at her website, it’s worth a visit. Although they have both done more books,  these featured here are my favourites. The first one is a story bible, the second a devotional for children.

JagoJago is an amazing award winning illustrator who captures the message and the imagination of the reader so totally. The creativity and sense of humour in Lloyd-Jones’ writing is mirrored in Jago’s illustrations so beautifully. The artwork is unique, creative and just plain fun! Jago’s website is equally delightful. I’ve set the page for both websites to their “About” sections so you can read about them, they both have a very entertaining introduction of themselves.

Sally Lloyd-Jones Website

Jago Website

The Jesus Storybook Biblestarstarstarstarstar‘The Jesus Storybook Bible’ invites children to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the centre of God’s great story of salvation and the centre of their own story as well. The stories are fresh and feel new when reading them and the perspective is right, presenting a vocabulary of faith that underscores what the sub-title already suggests: “Every story whispers his name. ” The central message of the books is “God’s Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love.” Jago’s illustrations capture the very essence of the stories and underscore the messages within.

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Singstarstarstarstarstar‘Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing’ is a perfect companion to the story Bible. with the same message and similar style, Lloyd-Jones’ goal in creating this first devotional for children, was to offer an opportunity for an experiential side of the relationship with God to go along with the informational side. It’s an innovative collection of 101 simple, yet profound reflections and thoughts on faith. Insights are drawn from creation, history, science, and the writings of great thinkers, preachers, and writers. It is perfect for family or bedtime devotions. It is accessible yet theologically rich, revealing Biblical truth in word and image. It brings a hopeful message that will make the heart sing. Again, Jago’s illustrations enhance and enrich the experience.

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