‘One Hen’ by Katie Smith Milway and Eugenie Fernandes

One Henstarstarstarstar

How one small loan made a big difference!

Sustainable development, social justice, and global citizenship seem like topics too big for a small child’s picture book, but really, it all just starts with one hen.

Based on a true story, Kojo’s idea to use a loan to buy a hen begins a series of improvements in his life and community. Beautifully and colourfully illustrated, the book tells Kojo’s story in two parallel narrations–one very simple for the non-reader, and the other with more background explanation for Grade 6 and up. It’s a book for all ages really, with a true “Kojo” story at the end and lots of links for further information and opportunities to become involved in micro-finance for non-profit. It goes beyond poverty and community development and touches on things like family values and justice as well.

There’s a great One Hen interactive website with additional stuff for teachers, parents and kids. Click here:  Micro-finance for Kids

It’s never too early to learn about being a global citizen and everyone should be thinking  about how powerful giving can be.

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