Happy New Year!

BooksThank you!! Thank you!! 

Just wanted to begin the New Year by thanking my blog followers. You are such a delight to me. I love your comments, your suggestions, and your encouragement, and just knowing  that you are there enjoying books!

You are my friends, even though I have not even met you all!

Instant Friend

Next to my love for reading is my love for quotes. When I worked in a school library I would display a new quote on a whiteboard everyday. It was such fun to find the really, really good ones and share them. Quotes provoke discussion and reflection which is also exactly what reading does.

If I were to write my own quote about reading it would be this:

The good books will always still be there.

Reading List“Book pile angst” is something all avid readers suffer from, myself included. We want to have read it all, or be ready to read it all. We order way more titles from the library than we can actually get through before they have to be returned. We have books sitting on our bookshelves that we have not read yet. We hear of new books we want to read and make lists. We check out online book lists and keep an eye on what’s coming out soon from Amazon. One friend said she feared dying in her sleep if her rather tall bedside book pile ever fell over on her in the middle of the night!

My challenge to myself and to you for this New Year is to enjoy books without angst or guilt. Ignore this common question and have the courage to not apologize when you hear it: “What? You haven’t read that yet?”  Read books, revel in them, and don’t worry so much about what you have missed or what is still waiting in the wings. Live in the moment and enjoy the book you have in your hands right now. You will never be able to read everything. Be worry free and blessed by what you have read and are reading, and let the rest go. It’s simple. Just enjoy another year with books!

5 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Your least sentence will be my motto for this year. “Be worry free and be blessed with what you read and are reading and let the rest go”. Going to print that quote and put it on the fridge. Great to talk my book buddy in person while you are on this side of the pond.

  2. Thank you, Joan, for reviewing so many different books. I read them all. I too have a pile of unread books on my bookshelf, but I will not develop any “angst”. As you said::”Be worry free”.

  3. Ah…..I feel like you wrote this for me !!!
    You are always encouraging!

  4. “One friend said she feared dying in her sleep if her rather tall bedside book pile ever fell over on her in the middle of the night!” … I (almost) wake up at night fretting about the library fines I have outstanding for all the books I intended to read within 3 weeks which are still on the bottom of said pile; the books I put on hold for which the library now slaps a fine on my account when I don’t have time to pick them up on schedule; and the borrowed books that simply seem to disappear — under the bed, in the back of the car, on the book shelf, or on a friend’s bookshelf. “Library angst” is a big part of book angst!
    Txs for your great review. n

  5. Love your New Year’s wisdom Joanne! Working in a library means I check out many more books than I can get through, but I also get to have some wonderful conversations with colleagues and customers. Nandy, EPL (Edmonton Public Library) doesn’t charge for holds not picked up on time:)
    Will also hang your wise words on my fridge! Am immersed in Mary Lawson’s latest, “Road Ends” this cold winter morning!

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