‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ by James Bowen

A Street Cat Named Bobstarstarstarstar


Here is a feel-good story that I found in a display of “mood boosting” books at the library. If your mood needs even more encouragement or this is your favourite type of read, there are even people who produce lists for such things, so these should keep you going!

Mood Boosting Books 2013

Mood Boosting Books 2014

Streetcat and Bob‘A Street Cat Named Bob’ is the true story of a cat who saves the life of a homeless drug addict in London, UK. It speaks to the power of pet love and the power of being needed. We all need meaning in our lives and unless we feel connected and useful, it is easy to become discouraged and make poor decisions. Here is a very good short documentary that will not detract from the reading of the book.

When James Bowen was earning his living on the streets and just barely scraping by, he found an injured ginger street cat. Two lost souls found each other and created a partnership that turned both their lives around. What I liked about the book is that it gives a human face to the homeless. These are people with stories and worth. They have fallen on hard times but perhaps a bit of kindness could turn things around and make a difference. I’ve always given to buskers because I appreciate the mood boosting music they provide in a dingy subway tunnel, but now I shall give even more generously and gleefully.

The best part about this heartwarming story is that the animal does not die at the end of the book!  In fact there is a sequel as well with more adventures. I haven’t read it yet, but The World According to Bob has firmly established James Bowen and Bob as celebrities who sign copies together at bookstores! From busking to bookstore attraction! What’s not to love?


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