‘Have You Seen My Dragon?’ by Steve Light

Have You Seen My Dragon?starstarstarstarThis creative and unique children’s picture book set in New York City would make an excellent read aloud gift for any young child (2-5). A little boy has misplaced his enormous dragon and looks for him all over the city.  Although, since the words NYC never appear, it could actually be any city to a small child.

The pen and ink illustrations and splashes of colour are intricate, ornate and folksy at the same time. It is a counting book (numbers 1 – 20) with a “Where’s Waldo” element as the search goes on, uptown and downtown.  Of course the dragon is actually right there on every page which is half the fun. Is he eating a hotdog? going on the subway? riding a bicycle? reading a book? Each illustration is a two-page spread, even going vertical when a tall building needs accommodation.

3 responses to “‘Have You Seen My Dragon?’ by Steve Light

  1. Really cool book, love the fact that most of it is in black and white. A very interactive book.

  2. Irene and John Suk would love this book for their little NY grandson! I’ll mention it to them.

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