‘Waterbugs and Dragonflies: Explaining Death to Young Children’ by Doris Stickney

Waterbugs and DragonfliesstarstarstarEarlier this year I met a woman who had tragically lost her daughter. We were talking about the impact of death on her family. When I remarked about how hard that must have been, she said a little children’s book had helped a lot with her young grandchildren. ‘Waterbugs and Dragonflies’ is a beautiful little picture book that relies on the story of a waterbug changing into a dragonfly. The gift edition is graced with lovely watercolour illustrations by Gloria Ortiz Hernandez. There is also a colouring book version by another illustrator which I have not seen, but noticed while browsing on Amazon.

Here is a link to the story, so that you can preview it.
Waterbugs & Dragonflies Text Only

There is an afterword in which the author says, “No one can predict the reaction of children to a story. The world of imagination is more real to them than the visible one. They surprise us with their clear grasp of that which we would make complex. And with unerring honesty they see through our flimsy pretenses. ‘I don’t know’ is an honest admission. But ‘I believe’ gives our children confidence in a future to be anticipated and in a Creator whose plan can be trusted.

3 responses to “‘Waterbugs and Dragonflies: Explaining Death to Young Children’ by Doris Stickney

  1. thanks for this Joanne – I had actually heard of this book before and wanted to get it but forgot – first to get and then what is was called. 🙂 Now I can get! Cathy

  2. Beautiful book, Joanne. Thanks for this review. Might use it in homeroom some time.

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