‘Happy New Year’

Reading QuoteLast year I started 2014 by posting something about what I call “book pile angst“. That sense of “I may not live long enough to read all the books in my book pile” or “I may die in my sleep if that bedside book pile falls over in the night” (a line by fellow book lover Nancy W. that still makes me chuckle!), or “I must be mad, ordering more books from the library when there are so many books on my own shelf I’ve never read!” There were many of you who said ‘Amen’ to my advice to realize that you will never, ever catch up and that it is impossible to read everything. So stick to what you enjoy and let the rest go!

P1070084Here’s my pile. There’s even a book in there that belongs to someone else…yikes, now that’s full disclosure (can you spot it Ina?).  Yes, book lovers, we suffer from this angst but we also embrace the enjoyment of books and reading. Don’t let the tyranny of the book pile mess with your mind and cause you shame. Consider it a treasure trove just waiting to be cracked open. Let it make you feel better, not bitter. It’s the possibility that resides in all those words and thoughts and stories.

Thanks so much for another wonderful year of journeying together on this blog and this incredible adventure called reading! Happy New Year!

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5 responses to “‘Happy New Year’

  1. I admire the breadth of your reading material!

  2. Reading one book is like eating one potato chip! Ha, ha…
    My question for 2015: does it make sense to set a specific annual reading goal such as The Last 10 Winners of the Pulitzer Prize; The Short List of Book Award X; The Entire Oeuvre of An Author and so on? Nandy

    • Personally I think goals are great to direct reading. But make it a manageable goal and read other stuff as well, even if it takes longer to complete. Reading short lists before the prize is announced can be tricky since the time frame is usually very short. In my experience, even if a goal is not achieved, we do accomplish more for having set the goal, than we would have without it. Let me know the goal you pick and how it’s going? 🙂

  3. Wow Joanne – don’t you feel ‘rich’ with that pile? Just like a basket full of yarn! What do I want to make/read next?? I do not have the collection of books but why not! Costco here I come :)) Cathy

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