‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins

The Girl on the TrainstarstarstarHere’s a compelling domestic thriller that is already a runaway bestseller in UK and North America. It’s going to be one that people are talking about.  Along the lines of Gone Girl and Before I Go to Sleep (both of which are now movies), this is one of those books that will grab you and keep you going to the very end.

Every morning Rachel Watson takes the train to London. Every evening she takes the same train back. The train slows and stops in the same spot which happens to be the neighbourhood where she used to live with her ex-husband. As people do on commuter trains, she notices things, and begins to imagine she knows the couple who are often out on their verandah when she passes by. She even gives them names, Jason and Jess. A harmless fantasy, until one day she sees something shocking, and against her better judgement, she gets involved.

The trouble with Rachel though, is that she is an unreliable narrator. She drinks heavily and often cannot remember things. She has lost her job, suffers from low self-esteem, and often questions her own judgement.  As we get deeper into the story, we realize that Rachel may not be the only unreliable one. None of the main characters seem credible. Who to trust? Who to believe?

One response to “‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins

  1. Even though I agree with the three star rating you gave this Joanne, it was such a fun read. Perfect for my holiday in Hawaii. Like most thrillers of this calibre, you feel a little let down in the end… but who cares. It was a great ride! Thanks again Joanne!

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