‘The Storm Whale’ by Benji Davies

The Storm Whalestarstarstarstarstar(Age 2 – 5) This is a tender and heart-warming story of a little boy, his Dad, six cats, and a whale. It applauds the beauty of nature and the power of companionship. The illustrations are gorgeously atmospheric and full of whimsy. It’s fun to spot the cats in funny places and I loved Noi’s choice of music for his new guest!

BathtubOne day Noi, who is all alone when his Dad goes to work, finds a whale stranded on the beach. He decides to take the whale home and takes care of him, also to alleviate his own loneliness. I love the absurdity of a whale fitting onto a little boy’s wheelbarrow, not to mention into a bathtub, even if it is a baby whale!

Storm WhaleWhen Noi needs to make the difficult choice to return the whale to the sea, he is comforted by the sheer presence of his Dad. Sometimes when times are rough, having one person understand can make all the difference.

“Noi knew it was the right thing to do, but it was hard to say goodbye. He was glad his dad was there with him.”

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