‘Still Life with Bread Crumbs’ by Anna Quindlen

Still Life with Bread CrumbsstarstarstarRebecca Winter is a famous New York photographer who finds herself staying out in the woods in a run down cottage in the middle of the night, listening to a raccoon that has been caught in a trap in the attic, set by the local roofer/handyman. Leaving the rhythms of Manhattan and past relationships behind, she discovers a new and vastly different life in an unlikely place, doing things she never would have imagined, and of course finding the love she had never counted on.

This was an enjoyable light, intelligent novel, somewhat predictable but with a nice understated tone that I really enjoyed and with enough intriguing developments to keep up the interest level. Quindlen’s writing is far from cliché and I find her writing refreshing and original. It was a lovely story to sink into and get lost in. A great summer read!

6 responses to “‘Still Life with Bread Crumbs’ by Anna Quindlen

  1. Reading “Still Life with Breadcrumbs” right now.
    Enjoy Anna Quindlen very much.

  2. Cathy Kalverda

    Hi Joanne – I just wanted to thank you for this website and all the work you are doing on it. I have so enjoyed some of the books you have recommended!! I just finished ‘Elizabeth is Missing’ and it was so heart warming and real. I even don’t want to start something new right away just to let myself linger a bit longer in the story. Thank-you!!

  3. Just finished Still Life with Bread Crumbs! Delightful summer read! I did indeed get totally involved!

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