‘Stay’ by Victor Gischler

StaystarstarThis is not the kind of thriller that I usually read or the kind of movie that I ever watch, but the premise intrigued me and when I saw it had very high reviews, I thought it might be nice to have a different sort of “beach read” for the summer. It wouldn’t surprise me if the movie rights have already been sold. The cover seemed sort of cute, until the gun played more of a role than the baby’s foot.

David Sparrow is a stay-at-home Dad. His wife is a District Attorney taking on a mega-criminal and when their lives are threatened, David uses his special-ops army training to help fight off the bad guys. The wife and kids are carefully squirrelled away to safety and the rest of the book has David piling up bodies all over the city. Which was good for the family, but I had imagined a more intriguing plot where the stay-at-home Dad had to daily juggle trouncing the gangsters while simultaneously making grilled cheese for the kids. But alas, it was all violence like the kind of action movie I usually walk away from to go read a novel instead. If you are someone who can stomach the violence, and enjoys a tough gritty novel, it does have some clever plotting and multiple twists and turns.

2 responses to “‘Stay’ by Victor Gischler

  1. Wow that was big disappointment from what you were expecting! Not often that you give a 2-star review. I suppose there will always be some of those. On to the next one, I guess…

    • Oh yes, there’s always a PILE of next ones! I actually did like the plot of Stay but was disappointed with the violence and the way it didn’t really focus on the stay-at-home Dad part. I thought that would have been fun.

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