‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill

Shackleton's JourneystarstarstarstarstarWinner of the Kate Greenaway Medal 2015, and multiple other awards in 2014, this double page historical picture book is a beauty. The facts of Shackleton’s Antarctic adventure are chronicled in a readable and entertaining format. I loved the illustrations done in coloured pencils which are so unique and creative. There is a certain whimsy about the drawings that softens the historical grit that is the reality of such a dangerous mission. There are way more drawings than words in this slim but large page volume, so the experience becomes a visual one. A fine book for history buffs, adult art lovers, and picture book fans alike. This book may be categorized as a children’s picture book, but it really is fun for the whole family.

Shackleton's Journey IllustrationsShackleton was not the first to discover or reach Antarctica but he was the first to cross it. The story of a harrowing yet inspirational Antarctic expedition by this amazing explorer, is sure to please adults and children alike. A  great coffee table book  for grandparents!

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