‘The Woman who Walked in Sunshine’ by Alexander McCall Smith

The Woman who Walked in SunshinestarstarstarHere is the latest (the 16th) instalment from the No. 1 Ladies Detective series. Of course when you have read the other 15, it’s not possible not to read the latest! It’s lovely to see what a good marriage Mma Ramotswe and Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni have, how Charlie is fairing as the latest employee (switching over from the garage) and see what the evil Violet Sephotho is up to next. There are some surprises when Mma Makutsi is left in charge while the No. 1 detective goes on a rather strange holiday.

But there are too many reflections from our friends in Botswana with less detective work going on and that is a problem. The earlier works had a good dose of both which helped to drive the plot forward while still maintaining the charm. I wouldn’t want to miss McCall Smith’s lovely commentary on life and the ethics of human behaviour but when that takes over, something is lost. I hate to say it because I am a huge McCall Smith fan, but perhaps it’s time to retire Mma Ramotswe (and leave the party while we’re still having fun) or have the editors demand a bit more from this author.

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