Podcasts about Books and Reading

PodcastPodcasts are awesome. They are great companions when tackling tasks like cooking, exercising, ironing, commuting, knitting, sewing… or listening to when you have the flu and are too tired to read. Get yourself some noise cancelling headphones and you won’t even hear the doorbell or the dog barking!! TED talks, Stuff You Should Know, Meeting House Sermons, Serial… these are some of my favourites.

What I enjoy about book podcasts is finding new book suggestions, listening to author interviews, getting behind the scenes information on how or why books were written, and getting to know the people behind the story. It’s fascinating stuff. Below is an annotated list of my favourite book podcasts from three different countries. Happy listening!

CBC The Next ChapterCBC The Next Chapter (Canada) Shelagh Rogers hosts this program on Radio One. It features Canadian books and literature. What I like about it is keeping up with new Canadian content and I really appreciate Shelagh Rogers warm interviewing style. She has a way of putting people at ease and asking thoughtful probing questions.

Writers and CompanyCBC Writers and Company (Canada) Eleanor Wachtel is one of the finest interviewers I’ve ever heard. She interviews authors from around the world and is amazingly knowledgeable on history and politics worldwide. Her in-depth interviews with notable literary figures are a hallmark of this award winning podcast.

BBC World Book ClubBBC World Book Club (UK) Harriet Gilbert hosts this worldwide book club featuring famous authors and their best known novels. A live studio audience is present at each taping and questions come in from listeners around the world. Since I have often been in attendance at these tapings, you might just hear my voice asking a question!

Books on the NightstandBooks on the Nightstand (USA) Ann Kingman and Michael Kindness narrate this discussion on books and audio books. Though they both work for Random House, this is a personal project. Ann and Michael offer a unique insight into not only books and reading, but also a behind-the-scenes look at bookstores and the publishing industry.

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