‘The Reluctant Midwife’ by Patricia Harman (Hope River #2)

the-reluctant-midwifestarstarstarIn this sequel to The Midwife of Hope River, Becky Myers RN, takes up the narrative. The novel is set in Virginia during the Great Depression, when men were out of work and women struggled to feed hungry children. Myers, a colleague and dear friend of the midwife Patience Murphy, has been an employee of Dr. Blum for many years. But when Dr. Blum is rendered non-responsive and completely dependent following a traumatic event, Becky becomes a reluctant but dedicated carer for her boss. Returning to Hope River in the midst of desperate economic times, the unlikely couple try to find a way to survive. Patience Murphy, the only midwife left in the region, is happy to have an extra pair of hands to help her with deliveries, although Becky would much rather be tending the sick than helping women deliver their babies. Desperate times demand the kind of courage and perseverance evident in all of Harman’s characters.

Though I liked the first book better than the second, having a different narrator for this one gave it a fresh outlook. Like the first in the series, this historical fiction carries the saga of birth and rebirth fairly compellingly to its rather satisfying, albeit slightly predictable, ending. Will there be a third in this series I wonder?

One response to “‘The Reluctant Midwife’ by Patricia Harman (Hope River #2)

  1. Hi Joanne,
    I read both books and enjoyed them. Like you, I also enjoyed the first volume more than the second one. However, I do look forward to the third installment.

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