‘Canada Reads 2017: The Battle of the Books’

I am proud to be Canadian at all times, but in March I always feel a little bit more proud because of Canada Reads. Every year a panel of celebrities duke it out to try to answer the question, which book should all of Canada read? It is a literary debate but spills over into a discussion about the issues that are facing Canadians from coast to coast to coast. A big thumbs up to Canada for being dedicated to the important place that books and reading have in our lives.

This week five books were digested, dissected, debated, and discussed. And the winner was…Fifteen Dogs by André Alexis. See my review of this book here. Humble the Poet did a great job of defending it! It was not the book I had hoped would win. The Break would have been my choice. See my review of that book here. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to read the other contenders but I still might. All of the books are worth reading and if you missed the whole event, you can still find it at cbc.ca. It’s worth a listen. And today it was such fun and a great privilege to be in the studio audience at CBC with daughter Kristin. Happy reading Canada!

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