True Confessions of the Hilarious Kind

How did this happen?????

This is so truly embarrassing that I just have to share it with you. I have already failed miserably in my New Year’s resolution to be more measured about what I check out from the library. And we’re not even halfway through February yet! In my New Year’s post, I outlined a plan to limit and ration holds to avoid library book hoarding, a really great idea that I was so excited about, and now look what I have in my house! And to top it off, I have e-books waiting on my Overdrive Bookshelf and I just purchased one on my Kindle as well. This is too funny!

Now, there are reasons for this, let me explain, only because it will make me feel slightly better: (excuses excuses)
– book club meeting coming up
– got tickets for Canada Reads so I want to read as many on the shortlist as I can before the debate
– picked one up from a library display when I went in to pick up a hold (just one!), except I did this a few times…
– an extra hold I slipped in, because really what’s one hold a month and surely it wouldn’t come through right away?
– thinking I would just quickly finish off a series because they were both sitting right there on the shelf!

Oh well, back to the drawing board. There’s no harm done, as long as I remember to renew…:) but I’m back to keeping book piles in various rooms so no one really knows how many I have out…shhhhhh!

3 responses to “True Confessions of the Hilarious Kind

  1. Thanks for my morning chuckle!!!!!! 😀

  2. This is hilarious. Yesterday I made a list of books that I want to give a high priority to. Books people have told me about, or that I’ve read reviews on, or books by favourite authors. My “high priority” list has twelve titles! I couldn’t believe it. I noticed you have some of the same titles I have. Isn’t reading fun???

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