‘Almost Everything: Notes on Hope’ by Anne Lamott

“Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts.” Wendell Berry

Another great book by Anne Lamott, although not everyone enjoys her meandering style. I listened to the audio book available on Overdrive from the library. She narrates it herself; I find her voice very down-to-earth and soothing.

Her thoughts on life and love and God are refreshing, funny, ecumenical, and universal. She is honest about her personal struggles and has a realistic view of self-help: she says simply “be kind to yourself and try to do a little bit better everyday.” It’s a crazy world and putting unrealistic pressure on yourself to improve, isn’t going to help. Her message of hope is wise, accessible, approachable, and helpful without being bossy. She may not deliver many answers in her message, but for me she has the power to gently coax me out of some dark thoughts and into the light, in other words, to find some hope.

Here Anne answers questions from fans while she signs books with her fiancé Neil. It’s a delightful impromptu interview:

2 responses to “‘Almost Everything: Notes on Hope’ by Anne Lamott

  1. What a coincidence- Libby – Toronto Public Library ebook system just sent Almost Everything last week. I so enjoy Anne Lamont’s Books and this latest one was no exception! So practical and uplifting!
    The interview you include was amazing! Still smiling to myself !
    Thanks! Might need to purchase this book so I can underline and reread the parts that stand out for me? I do have room on my self for another Lamont Book after my spring book cleaning! Great book to give as a gift!💐

    • Haha, that’s great Joan. Love coincidences like that! Glad you enjoying the youtube. From reading recent news clips about Lamott I knew she had a fiancé and was super curious what he would be like…:)

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