‘The Testaments’ by Margaret Atwood

Here’s something I never thought I would say: “Just read a really fun page-turner by Margaret Atwood!” 🙂

Sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, The Testaments is a testament to Atwood and perhaps a swan song of her lifelong career. It is narrated by Aunt Lydia, a character from the previous novel; Agnes, a young woman living in Gilead; and Daisy, a young woman living in Canada. Atwood was asked to write another instalment about the chilling Republic of Gilead and remarkably she did, in her twilight years, while caring for a partner living with dementia who has since passed away. That is remarkable.

Though I must admit to finding some of her earlier works unapproachable and perhaps too literarily lofty for me, this one was something for anyone and everyone to enjoy. I do wonder if some of her die-hard fans will be disappointed. Although the subject matter is as sobering as ever when it comes to Gilead, it has a lighthearted feel to it. The Testaments  has already won an award and I’m sure it is flying off of the shelves this Christmas. Indeed I purchased it for one of my family members, but stealthily flew through it first before wrapping it up! I also really enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek humour, especially around Canada and Canadians. I think Atwood had a lot of fun with this one. Way to go Margaret! As always, the Guardian has the best extended review: click here.

4 responses to “‘The Testaments’ by Margaret Atwood

  1. I am sitting here visualizing you sneaking through the Testaments which is supposed to be wrapped and under the tree. Way to go Joanne! Given the readability you are referring to, I may give this Atwood a try. nandy

    • Haha, I know right. Stealth reading…Give this Atwood a go! And I think you could skip reading Handmaid’s Tale first if you haven’t already. I really liked the tongue-in-cheek quality as well, especially about Canada. She had fun with this one! Enjoy!

  2. Hi Joanne…just finished the Testaments on a two day camping trip to Slave Lake. Your review is “spot on!” I think she had great fun writing it…and I loved sharing great tidbits with Bob!

    • How fun you got to go camping Margo! We just got back from six days in Algonquin. Soooo good to get away, even if we do have to stay in the province! Glad you resonated with the review. I wonder if it will be Atwood’s last or if she is working on anything new. It would be a fun way for her to ‘adios!’

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