Happy New Year Fellow Travelers!

Reading is time traveling, armchair touring, education, relaxation, curiosity, escape, comfort, imagination…and much much more…fill in whatever describes your reading life.

It’s not a competition, not about how many, what genres, how fast, whether to reread or not, old books, new books, hard copy or audio listening…it’s about reading by yourself or out loud to others, using Libby, buying hard covers, patiently waiting for holds, sharing stories, chewing on board books, hoarding books, weeding books, going to book clubs….there are as many ways to enjoy books as there are readers. And all are unique. One of my favourite things to do is peruse bookshelves in people’s homes. Book collections are diverse and distinct, revealing so much about their owners.

This year we bought a small RV that carries us to places both unfamiliar and familiar. When we are on the road we are at turns surprised, entertained, bored, compelled, confused, engrossed, distracted, intrigued, at peace, amazed by beauty, saddened by decay, happy with brilliant sunshine, or wondering about some looming clouds…a bit like the reading life…it’s a journey and always an adventure!

Thanks for another year of traveling together. Looking forward to seeing you on the trail in 2020!

10 responses to “Happy New Year Fellow Travelers!

  1. Thank you, Joanne, for sharing your delight in reading, and of books, on your blog. I eagerly read every entry!

  2. … and we use our books as coffee cup coasters, writing and sketching holders, baby booster seats, strophies, souvenirs, and works of art! Thanks for your wonderful New Year message each year. Happy 2020!

  3. Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your readings with your fan club. I expect to see you et al and the van one day at the Cape.

  4. Alice Vanderkooy

    Well-said, as always, Joanne. I love your eclectic choice of books and your perspective on the books you have read. Looking forward to another year of excellent suggestions!

  5. Hi Joanne, just want to let you know that West End has a number of book clubs. At least two of them have shared your blog with their members. I know many who read your blog regularly looking for recommendations and our book clubs have read a number of your suggestions. Many members love the fact that they like the same books you do:) So…thank you sis! Here’s to another good year of reading!

    • What a lovely comment Margo! Thanks for all your support in Edmonton. Let me know what books your clubs have discovered too! It’s always great to talk books. Happy reading!

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