‘Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life’ by Tish Harrison Warren

Everyone wants a revolution. No one wants to do the dishes”

I’ve always been a lover of the quotidian in life, the humble daily routines and regular chores–they are comforting even if they drive me crazy sometimes–with their “daily-ness.” But if we pay attention, we might see that a whole bunch of ordinary can suddenly result in extraordinary, and a whole bunch of seemingly everyday sorts of days can add up to a remarkable life!

“When suffering is sharp and profound, I expect and believe that God will meet me in its midst. But in the struggles of my average day I somehow feel I have a right to be annoyed.”

Jesus always used everyday examples and objects to teach about spiritual things, and that is what this book does, with chapter headings on things like making the bed, brushing teeth, eating leftovers, and losing keys. I loved how the author turns our eyes to the fact that everyday life can be seen as sacred practice.

This practical theology is perfect for people raising young children who simply don’t have the energy or time to carve out a ‘quiet time.’ Everyday chores and routines can be moments to reflect and remind. It is absolutely vital for everyone, but especially for parents with small children, to see all tasks as worship to God–a God who sees them, and loves them all the time.

2 responses to “‘Liturgy of the Ordinary: Sacred Practices in Everyday Life’ by Tish Harrison Warren

  1. Waited for many weeks for this book to arrive from Libby! But it was well worth the wait! Glad it was an audiobook since today, a hot humid stormy day was just great to relax, plug in my earphones and immerse myself in this lovely practical book! Finished it in a day So uplifting and inspiring. Going to order a hard copy for my bookshelf. I know I will refer to it often
    I love the word quotidian Joanne! I too love to do mundane tasks
    I call it “ puttsing “ around.

    • All those ‘ordinary’ moments putzing around, when all added up, make a life! Glad you enjoyed the book and that you were safe in the storm yesterday. I hear you about having a hard copy. I often think that when I’m taking copious notes on my ipad about a book I’m reading on my ipad…why not just get a hard copy and use a pen to underline. May be the old way, but it still works well!In fact you’ve inspired me to do just that. I’m reading Ibram Kendi’s How to be an Antiracist and it’s good. Gonna order the hard copy right now. Thanks for the inspiration Joan! 🙂

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