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’61 Hours’ by Lee Child

My husband is a busy man. He loves to read, and even though he reads non-fiction quite steadily, he does feel he has to have a little ‘down time’ to enjoy some fiction. After seeing 61 Hours on book lists and in airport bookstores, I thought I would pick this one up for him – he loves action/thrillers. Well, he never got to reading it yet, … too busy, so I decided to give it a try myself. Action/thriller is usually not my genre of choice, so take a seat ladies and gentleman, you are in for a ride!

61 hours counting down, one chapter at a time…I found the plot good, and the scene and story well set up, but the action was a bit lacking, until the very end. It wasn’t nearly as scary as I had expected and I actually had the culprit in mind long before Reacher did!

Having said that,  the character of Jack Reacher is totally intriguing and I would read another Lee Child book, just to catch a glimpse of this nomad in another situation, somewhere, somehow.  Reacher is observant in a detailed Sherlock Holmes sort of way. As an ex-military cop he is smart and decisive, but also a wanderer, a drifter, and a large loner of a man. Jack Reacher is a maverick, but does  not go looking for trouble. Trouble seems to find him. He carries nothing with him, not even clothes, which he just buys new every three days or so.  He  gets involved and becomes the hero for no other reason than  to do good, and then he moves on. Very slick, like his website. I’ve never seen a website so smooth.


This severely dates me, but the Jack Reacher character made me think of the theme song for The Littlest Hobo. Sorry Jack (and Lee)! I couldn’t resist.