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‘Unwritten’ by Charles Martin

UnwrittenstarstarstarAn actress running from her past finds escape with a man hiding from his future. Life has burned them both. This is a heart-felt novel about two broken souls looking for healing and trying to find a way forward. There is only one other character in the novel: Father Steady is the one who brings Sunday and Katie together.  The start of the novel is a little unnecessarily ambiguous. It was probably meant to create an aura of mystery. If you just keep on reading it all becomes completely clear (just remember that men can have long hair too). The names seemed a bit trite (Steady for the only solid character and Sunday for the one who is stymied in rest).

The aspect of this novel that I found compelling was how humans are really unequipped to be worshipped. Our society seems to value fame and fortune, but coping with the effects of these, often contribute to ill health and addiction. “Life in the spotlight, on the pedestal, at the top of the world (is) a lonely, singular, desolate, soul-killing place.” Man is not made to be worshipped and praised. Man shouldn’t hold light but reflect it. Like gasoline in a Styrofoam cup, it eats away from the inside out and eventually spills out across the sidewalk.

This author was recommended to me and I felt slightly disappointed. Parts of it were beautifully written, and I found the beginning intriguing, but my interest was not sustained.  This is Martin’s latest book, perhaps his earlier novels are better? If you are a Martin fan, let me know if there are any that you particularly liked, since I’d like to try another.