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‘Five Minutes’ Peace’ by Jill Murphy

Five Minutes' PeacestarstarstarstarToday is Mother’s Day (in North America). It is an honour to be a Mother. Mothers should thank their children on Mother’s Day instead of the other way around. Recently I read a post on Facebook that said “My greatest blessings call me MOM!” I agree with that. But I’ve had chaotic days like Mrs. Large too when I had to resort to locking myself into the bathroom in order to get five minutes of peace. So this picture book resonated with me. It is one of five in a series by award winning author and illustrator Jill Murphy, about the Larges, a family of elephants.

Her illustrations remind me of Janet & Allan Ahlberg picture books, also British. Both depict home life as wonderfully warm, messy, comforting, and inviting. Definitely not perfect, but what home with kids is? The subtle humour in this series make the books as inviting to parents as to the kids they are reading to.

Sit back and listen to the entire story, read to you for your enjoyment. (Sorry about the page turn ‘pings’). 🙂