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‘Half Broke Horses’, by Jeannette Walls

For those of you who loved The Glass Castle, here is another great story from Walls, again based on her family members; this time it is about her no nonsense, feisty grandmother. And if you haven’t read The Glass Castle, drop everything and run to the library.

This is fiction but it is really the story of Jeannette Walls’ grandmother, Lily Casey Smith. In Walls’ signature offhand, unsentimental voice, the story unfolds of a remarkable woman. Yes, she broke horses, but she did way more than that. She was a surviver and adventurer, no dream too big or unusual for her to tackle.

What I enjoyed most about Half Broke Horses, after first reading The Glass Castle, was an understanding of the family that Rosemary Smith Walls grew up in. It does shed some light on that memorable character and what made her who she was.