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‘Keep Calm and Cast On’ by Erika Knight

Keep Calm and Cast OnstarstarstarThe title of this book is a spin off  from the British phrase “Keep Calm and Carry On” (for more information on this, see  The Postmistress).

Here is, as the title suggests, a divine little book for knitters. This elegant little volume, complete with silky ribbon bookmark, would make a great little gift if you have a knitter in your life. Or treat yourself to it! It’s available on Amazon (.uk, .ca, .com). Though small in stature (11 x 14 cm), it is packed full of knitting tips and inspirational quotes about the therapeutic qualities of knitting. All you knit is love!

“Hobbies can be great distractions. Losing yourself in the activity is the key. Try something fresh that requires you to build new skills. Both hobbies and exercise can give you a sense of accomplishment and identity that shores you up and prevents you from falling back into overthinking.”
Dr. Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Professor of Psychology, Yale University