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‘Force of Nature’ by Jane Harper (Aaron Falk #2)

When I read The Dry, Jane Harper’s first instalment in a mystery series set in Australia featuring Aaron Falk, I was so excited because I was looking forward to more from this author. The Dry was so compelling, atmospheric, beautifully written, and had me at the edge of my seat the whole way. So I got the second instalment as soon as I could, but sadly it did not live up to my expectations. Force of Nature was just not as good as The Dry. If you haven’t read The Dry, by all means read it, but if you have, give the second one in this series a pass in favour of The Mountain Story by Lori Lansens. Both are about a group of hikers entering the bush, but coming out minus one. What happened on the trail and why is actually hugely compelling, but in this case Lansens did a much better job of a great premise than Harper did.

‘The Dry’ by Jane Harper (Aaron Falk #1)

This very well written debut mystery novel had me gripped on the first page and kept me going throughout, with plenty of twists and turns, right to the end. It’s one of those gems that I can recommend to anyone and everyone. Good pacing, great characters, and evocatively described scenes. Set in the Australian outback, in the middle of a crippling drought, the author made me feel the overwhelming heat and taste the dust and despair in the air.

Tragically and oddly, it seems Luke Hadler has killed his wife and small son in his own home, leaving his infant daughter untouched. A murder suicide almost seems plausible from a desperate man in a town that is dying. But when Aaron Falk arrives back to the place of his youth to attend his friend’s funeral, he is confronted with questions about what actually happened. Was this murder connected to secrets from their childhood? Should he stay to investigate when all he wants to do is run away as he had to before?