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‘The Dog that Talked to God’ by Jim Kraus

A quirky and heartfelt Christian story, this might be nice to download onto your Kindle or Kobo for a trip. It is light and sweet (but not too sweet), mostly for dog lovers but could be enjoyed by anyone. It does reflect daily struggles and doubts in a realistic way, although I found the ending a bit too neat and tidy!

Mary is recovering from a tragic loss and has decided to get a dog for companionship. She is not speaking to God at the moment because she is confused about how God could allow her new situation and is feeling distant in her faith. She is struggling to understand and feels God is silent and harsh. But she can speak to her new puppy and she is not even so very amazed when Rufus actually speaks back to her. Whether this miraculous conversation is real or not doesn’t matter. It becomes the catalyst for change and the nudge she needs. An inner voice can be instrumental in turning us in the right direction and when that voice takes the form of a miniature schnauzer, it is charming! People who have dogs regularly imagine what they are thinking so it might not even come as a complete surprise when they actually venture to voice their thoughts, ideas, or questions.

This is a novel in the tradition of Garth Stein (The Art of Racing in the Rain) and John Grogan (Marley & Me).