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‘Skios’ by Michael Frayn


What a fun and entertaining read! Longlisted for the Man Booker Prize, this surprising little gem is a literary novel that was long listed for the Man Booker Prize. It is a brilliantly conceived and expertly executed comedy/farce. It’s actually a stage farce in novel form. The basic story line begins simply enough.

Oliver Fox arrives on a Greek island and makes a split second decision to assume another identity. In the arrivals hall, a long line of taxi drivers are waiting with signs of people’s names. Oliver decides to be “DR. WILFRED NORMAN” and enters Dr. Norman’s life. Haven’t you ever been tempted to do that kind of thing? When poor Wilfred arrives (to deliver a lecture at a prestigious conference), there is therefore no one left to meet him besides the taxi that was meant for Oliver Fox, which delivers him to a villa and a rendezvous with Oliver’s latest fling.  And to top it all off, their luggage has been confused as well! Of course a whole series of mishaps and misunderstandings ensue, creating a hilarious story that I found very enjoyable indeed. Highly recommended!