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‘Real Simple’

NewsstandIf you have an iPad, you may have discovered it has a great app called Newsstand.  I’ve also started reading my digital books on the iPad instead of my Kindle because the screen is backlit and I don’t need a reading light – great for late night or early morning reading in bed. I still have my Kindle and will save it for reading on the beach where backlit becomes illegible. Plus I feel a bit nostalgic about my first generation Kindle which has faithfully served me for years!

Newsstand is where you can buy yearly subscriptions to magazines on any subject you want from News to Knitting. The interactive quality of the experience on the iPad makes the reading experience a pleasure. And the subscription is cheaper than the paper copy. There are free magazines as well.

Real SimpleBesides quilting and crossword puzzles, the only magazine subscription that I have ever felt was worth the money in recent years is this one. ‘Real Simple’ is dedicated to articles and ideas that are simple and practical. Yes, it has all the usual elements of a lifestyle magazine: advertising, fashion and recipes but also inspirational quotes and articles. But the recipes are simple and actually do-able with healthy, nutritious ingredients. The clothing featured is affordable and wearable for the average person. There are lots of ideas about a variety of personal and home based organization issues like storage, decorating, and clever tips and tricks for everyday improvements. Have a look at the Real Simple website to get an idea of what is on offer.

Real Simple Magazine

The Real Simple magazine layout itself is simple and uncluttered and the graphics and photography are always so beautiful and balanced. Yes, simple and practical and beautiful.  This is what I appreciate about ‘Real Simple’. For years I got the paper subscription to this magazine, but my advice if you have an iPad, is get it for your Newsstand. The inter-activity (is that a word?) is so slick. It’s a treat!