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‘Wonder’ by R. J. Palacio


Age 9 – 12.

Here is an inspirational sensitively told story for older children, about a really tough subject.  Middle school is tricky territory, even for those who are good looking or normal in appearance, but when you have severe facial deformity, it is a mine field. Ten year old August Pullman just wants to fit in and be a normal kid. He is smart, funny, and compassionate. He is a really cool kid, but none of that gets noticed when people can’t get past the terrible facial abnormality he has been born with. After many painful surgeries and home-schooling for the early years, August goes to school for the first time. Will he be able to share who he is “underneath it all”?

Narrated by Auggie and the people around him, the author provides a touching insight into surviving “being different” and a poignant lesson into how we should never judge a book (boy) by its cover (his face), or anyone else for that matter. Though our human nature is full of brutal tendencies, this honest novel is uplifting and courageous. This is an important book for children to read and perfect to read to them! Highly recommended!