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‘Still Alice’ by Lisa Genova

Alice is diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at age 50. This important moving story is written like a memoir, although it is fiction, and gives a tremendous insight into this devastating disease.

The author is qualified to write her first novel on this subject because she has a PH.D. in neuroscience from Harvard.  But there is alot more than medical stuff. The story is also about identity and living a life that matters, and about what crisis situations can do to relationships.

Alzheimer’s is a disease with memory loss, and of course while I was reading it I worried about things that I was forgetting. In the book there is a test that Alice takes to see how her memory is, and I found I was testing myself on that as well! We always make things about ourselves, don’t we? Don’t be afraid to read this book.  You will gain an awareness and sensitivity to the realities of living with Alzheimer’s, and in the end there is a hopeful tone. When so much recognition and ability for Alice is gone, what she still can recognize and detect, if even only in nuance, is love. I find that reassuring.

If you have already read Still Alice you might be interested to know that Lisa Genova just came out with another novel called ‘Left Neglected’ about brain injury.