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‘The Book With No Pictures’ by B.J. Novak

The Book With No Picturesstarstarstarstarstar(K – Grade 2) Maybe you love children’s picture books as much as I do, especially if you have children to read aloud to, or grandchildren, or a classroom full of  them, or a library story hour…I still own all of our favourite picture books,  even though I don’t read ‘Goodnight Moon’ to our kids anymore when they go to bed in my house. 🙂 Although maybe they would let me if I offered. The truth is, the really great picture books appeal to the adults as much as the kids. And this one is no exception. If you do love picture books and reading aloud, then this book is for you! This mischievous book is laughter just waiting to happen! A picture book without…..um, pictures. You’re going to hear the eternal refrain, “Read it again!”

This interactive innovative book is best experienced, so here is a youtube sampler of B.J. Novak reading the first part of the book aloud to a group of children. Incidentally, you might recognize the author from “The Office.”