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‘The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’ by Dale Hanson Bourke

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict



Here is a PS to my earlier post on Blood Brothers, since my friend Laura recommended this recent and helpful little guide to the Israel-Palestinian conflict. It is a perfect companion for a trip to the Holy Land or even for the armchair traveler who wants to learn more about the conflict. We hear so much on the news or hear others speak on the topic, but still have so many questions and feel overwhelmed by the complexity.

Easy to read and well organized in a question and answer style, you can get through this guide in a Sunday afternoon. Bourke avoids the temptation to expand into tangents and remains dedicated to being concise and keeping things simple.

The book is purposefully unemotional and refuses to take sides. The best quote in the book is from Robi Damelin, an Israeli woman who lost her son in the conflict. She advises, “Don’t be pro-Israeli. Don’t be pro-Palestinian. Be pro-peace, or leave us alone.”