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‘The Nest’ Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

The NeststarstarCostco buyer beware! This inviting looking novel with glowing book jacket endorsements by Amy Poehler and Elizabeth Gilbert which I picked up at the warehouse superstore, was a disappointment and did nothing for me. I really tried to like it but I found the plot un-compelling, the characters shallow and uninteresting, and the writing quite poor. I found myself unable to make any emotional connection with the Plumbs and their many problems and addictions. It’s funny how we can be drawn to stories of dysfunctional families, as much as the real thing strikes fear in our hearts. So reading the premise in the flyleaf about a family just brimming with juicy financial and relational woes seemed like it would be a lovely summer read! 🙂 Maybe it serves me right!