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‘The Slightly Annoying Elephant’ by David Walliams

The Slightly Annoying ElephantstarstarstarDavid Walliams is being referred to as “the new Roald Dahl”. Some of his books are even illustrated by the same artist, Quentin Blake. Not that we need a replacement for Dahl though, his books are timeless and classic. But Walliams’ work deserves a mention for his titles for older children (Age 8 – 12) and this, his first picture book.

Illustrated by Tony Ross, what could be more delightful than an enormous blue elephant wearing a red beret who comes to your house….and invites all of his friends as well! All because of a common problem – not reading the fine print!

In the style of Roald Dahl, his stories are fantastical and funny but deal with real topics.

Here is a link to his website.

World of Walliams